Noir Crochet Needles Weft Human Hair Guide for Crochet Braids

Noir Crochet Needles Weft Human Hair Guide for Crochet Braids

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Human hair bundles are weft human hair. Weft human hair crochet braids utilizes a crochet technique that allows the hair to NOT be cut from the weft or track. This technique enables both the hair and the tracks to be attached and concealed into braids which is more stable compared to using bulk Human Hair or hair cut from the track. Lastly and more importantly, this technique allows you to remove and reuse your human hair bundles.

This crochet technique is commonly combined with a traditional sew-in; The combination is known as the Hybrid Human Hair Crochet Install. As a result, Hybrid Human Hair Crochet Installs do not need leave-out hair, lace frontals, or lace closures.

This 22 page e-book includes 16 hidden gem brand recommendations, breakdowns on different wefts, human hair, best braid foundations, details on how many bundles to use, and lastly a video on prepping human hair bundles prior to installation! 


Product Updated: June 18, 2024

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